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From starting up your business to growing your current business, we have the solutions.

Business Start-up

  • Image & Branding
    Formation of the ideal image and brand; we assist business's in particular to have a competitive identity in the market
  • Operational Plan & Management
    Operational and SOP reviews & consultation on management in identified improvable areas
  • e-Financial Management
    e-financial propositions & consultation
  • Outsourcing
    Arrangement to outsource for SMEs in areas that requires assistance

Business Empowerment

  • Marketing Campaign Strategy & Management
    Strategic proposition for marketing campaign & execution of campaign management to strengthen market presence and boost sales performances
  • Image & Rebranding
    Empowerment of business’s image and brand in particular, to stay competitive in the market
  • Expansion strategy & Management
    Strategic proposition for business expansion on its core business area and diversification through adding value to the customers’ services and products.
  • Customer Service Training (Retail)
    Provide relevant and customized protocols for customer service enhancements in the retail industry
  • Human Resource Policies
    Human Resource policies proposition to maintain and attract manpower
  • Social Media management
    To create and maintain the presence of business through effective social media management, in order to strongly engage with specific target audience and to improve the relationship between customers and businesses
  • Liaison Agent & Outsourcing
    Liaison office for partnerships, outsourcing and initiating industries to work together and synergize each other’s strength and services

Market Research

  • Data analysis
    Providing insights and information which can aid the formulation of business’s strategic propositions to better deliver business's goals and objectives

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