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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Structured Talent Development Program (STDP)

Educational institutions have introduced Talent Development programs to develop and nurture talent in their respective institutions. Various programs were introduced under the Talent Development initiative, such as Internships, Student Exchange Programs and Co-Ops.

Entrepreneur Consulting Services (Entcons) adopted and restructured these programs as part of our company Corporate Social Responsibility through the initiation of the Structured Talent Development Program. In order to contribute back to society, we believe that we can create profound impacts through the provision of a platform for higher learning institution students (the candidates) to gain industry experience and receive coaching; our goal is to guide higher learning institution students (the candidates) towards self-development and in building personal core skills.

Under this Structured Talent Development Program (STDP):

  1. Entcons will be mentoring the candidates by providing a learning platform to experience working with the industries and candidates will be given the opportunity to engage with key personnel in the corporate world within the respective industries.
  2. Ad-hoc projects will be assigned for the candidates to practice hands-on experience and budgeted allowance will be provided through the funds raised via industry projects.
  3. The candidates will be endorsed for their skills honed through their participation; this program will be a stepping-stone for them to stand out in the competitive job market and play a key role in nation development.

5 Key Benefits of STDP:

  1. Gain exposure to the relevant industry experience (through Ad-hoc projects).
  2. To engage with the key personnel in the corporate world (liaison to future career opportunities).
  3. To get budgeted allowance based on the project.
  4. Enhance variety of soft skills such as inter-personal skills, team building, and project management.
  5. Develop knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship.

Structure Talent Development Program Distinct Features

  1. Flexible time of learning and working, unlike internships that are generally specific for a certain year of students. We welcome all level of inter-varsity students who have fundamental knowledge and wants to expose themselves at the time that they find available to work.
  2. Real world projects exposure and vast network building opportunity.
  3. Strong sense of communal vibe. Teamwork is expected and practiced at all times.
  4. Mentors that will recognize and nurture the skills and talents in the students.

We are looking for the candidates with the following criteria:

  1. Good personality and attitude
  2. Proactive
  3. Self-disciplined
  4. Willing-to-learn

Interested applicants who would like to enrol into this program are require to send in their resume / CV to: csr@entcons.com


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