“I was fortunately blessed to  have found Peter to be an ever cheerful and positive out-going person combine with high integrity to see things through… his professional regards to have assisted an unknown company like ours at the time of introduction and went out of his way to make arrangements for the partnership process a success. I also personally found his ability to work fast and help bridge the right people as an advantage to any company … He has been always the centre-force in making the right call with getting things sorted at different level”
– Daniel, Business Development, Tribehired

“Peter’s ability to listen and understand his industry partners need allows him to consult effectively. He is a deadline-oriented person, independent and customer focused strategist. Innovative perfectionist who’s always ready to put all his energy to get the job done. Peter is highly creative and a very easy going person to work with.”    
– Ben, Managing Director, Mistermind International Sdn Bhd
& Career Tour Sdn Bhd

“Peter comes across as an enthusiastic and keen guy at first impression. As you get to know him deeper, he is warm and caring with stream of resources to offer to help you in whatever way possible to get things done. Once there is a request for help, he will be readily to help as and when possible.”
– Jeremy, ex Manager,HCK Foundation

“Peter is a very warm person who cares about helping in any way he can. Peter will often come out with innovative ways to link people and organisations up that have resulted in many fruitful endeavours.” 
– Dr Chow, Special Assistant to Tan Sri

“Passionate about his work and committed to furthering his best interests in dealing with all his associates. He provides his services with enthusiasm, dedication and commitment that make you want him to be in your team!” 
– Irene, HR Manager,
Alliance Cosmetic Group International

“Working with Peter was efficient and he truly understands … Peter is definitely a people person and is a very experienced individual
in management.”  
– John, Director, Talk Focus Sdn Bhd (TRON)

“Peter, you are a person who emerged as an advisor and highly successful in your roles … as we started to look for local University and Colleges to tie up with our company’s manpower recruitment and expanding program, you are the one to provide your professionalism, expertise, and hard work in helping us on this program. In particular, I was very impressed with the way you carried out to your work, from analysis to implementation.
Your analysis was always very complete and easily understood by clients and you have the rare ability to be able to effectively communicate
with all different types of people.” 
– Wong, HR Manager, Coway (M) Sdn Bhd

“I have had the privilege of working with Peter for the business collaboration, partnership and charity foundation related work. I enjoy working with Peter and I have a great respect for him as an individual and as a professional. For the past 1 year, he has been a vital part of the growth in our group. I was impressed by his initiatives by taking part in all our charity works and business collaborations. Peter was always willing to offer his assistances and has an excellent rapport from various parties.” 
– Jenny, Group HR Manager, HCK Capital Group

“Peter’s heart for the poor had led him to organize a group of colleagues to raise funds for the poor, needy and marginalized children of Living Hope Malaysia. He is very dedicated person and motivated his colleagues to serve together to help the poor. His gentle, positive attitude and commitment are greatly appreciated. May he continue to impact lives and be a role model to the young generation.” 
– Dr Peggy C Wong, Founder and Chairman Living Hope

“I’m glad I’ve met Peter, a very rare kind of person. Very few people have a strong sense of conviction, conscience, righteousness and compassion nowadays. Most go by forgetting or suppressing who we are, what we really are and what we should be. Peter goes about reminding us all of these, and is courageous to stand for what he believes in, that is why he is so inspiring and brings the best out of us.” 
– Adeline, Manager, Group Legal Services

“He is a very polite and down to earth person, give full respect to all his colleague and friends. He’s an adventurous, dynamic, hardworking and most of all very helpful. He got a lot of ideas and very innovative. If he things of something, he will do it and make it happen.” 
– Captain Roslee, Security (Health & Safety)

“I got to know him since a year ago when IPO started to venture into Klang Valley. He has never been hestitate to give a hand in terms of almost everything. He has been playing a role as “Human Router” because through him you may be able to get connected with things or person that you are looking for.” 
– Kelvin, Executive Director, Ipoh Town

“Peter is the most kind hearted and thoughtful person in his industry, and is also very helpful in every way. He is a great leader and he never fails to make everyone feel welcomed. I am thankful for all his contribution and help to me as a student and as an individual.” 
– Nurul, ADP Graduate

“People come and go in our life, but you came and made a mark in my heart. I can’t express my appreciation enough for all you have done for me, and all you haven’t known you have done. You helped me in achieving my educational dreams by fighting for my scholarship. I am a photographer and a videographer today because you saw that greatness in me and supported my passion for it. I never thought there’s any Malaysian Chinese man with such a good heart to help an African like me but you proof me wrong. From the first day I met you, you always look for a way to make me successful in life. Wherever I go, you will always remain in my memory and I become fully successful tomorrow, your name will always be mentioned in the storyline.” 
– Ndi, CEO/Founder Fabz Magazine (E-Zine)

“We are blessed to have known you. You have made such an impact in our lives. Your easy approach just put every one of us at ease. You are also someone who looks out for the needs of others and you always see the good in others and take care to bring out the best in them.” 
– Vicky, part-time lecturer @ Private Malaysian University

“He has helped me a lot in building self-confidence … he has never discriminated me against the others … From being entrusted a specific project to going on field trips for various occasions, I find him always eager to let his subordinates acquire precious knowledge any time
and anywhere.” 
– Dalila, UK University Student

“What strikes me about him was his eagerness and sincerity in helping us” 
– Vera, COO, Terra Garden Sdn Bhd

“Peter is a very hard working guy and easy to connect with” 
– Zainuddin, Malaysian Airlines Subang

“He does things with his heart!” 
– Lai, Dean – Faculty of Engineering & Built Environment,@ Private Malaysian University

“It’s been a pleasure working with you since 2011! Your passion and dedication towards your students and initiatives for their betterment is really an encouragement
to all of us.” 
– Denise, Manager, GTI Media Asia Sdn Bhd

“Peter trade in his reality for a role, his sense for an act. He is of understanding that there can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution.” 
– Kedar, ex-Petronas staff

“You are not only a good leader, but also a great mentor as well. Thank you for all the advice, trust and opportunities that you gave to me.” 
– Renae, Accounting student

“I found Peter is a sincere and truthful person. Sometimes. He always work the extra miles for people and always positive.” 
– Sau, HOD (Operation) Nursing School, a private Malaysian University

“Peter has been helpful with our organisation and demonstrated a professional and tactful relationship.” 
– Colin, HR & Admin Manager, Samadhi Retreats

“He is kind like the Bill Gates, with a contagious passion. He infects you with a dutifulness that makes you view overtime at work like a walk on the beach – Inspiring” 
– Harun, MBA student & CEO Triple Class Enterprise

“A big thank you to Peter! Thank you for visiting my centre and understand what I do. Thank you for assisting our centre to get qualified staff, thank you for all the things you do to make people life better.” 
– Yew, Founder & Centre Manager, Cutie Cottage Baby & Child Care Centre

“It has been great pleasure to know you. Really appreciate your energy and drive in helping and guiding us. Your work is really inspirational. Too many more collaboration in the future.” 
– Illum, Operationals Manager, Tribehired